Create weapons and shields


Go to  manager panel > infantry units >  Equipments

 This step is similar to previous step , you create how many equipments you want . you must create the specific equipments that only refers to your current kind of troops .

its not necessary to create equipments as many as your soldiers , for example you can set 10 guns on 40 soldier and their damage will calculating by percent of equipped soldiers ( 40 soldiers with 10 gun can deal 1000 damage to enemy and 40 soldiers with 40 guns can deal 3000 damage ) . Remember if you want to send strongest soldiers to battles you have to equip all your soldiers with guns shield and etc.


Go to  manager panel > infantry units >  weapons

you have to do similar to creating equipments .

equip the Army


Go to manager panel > infantry units > Ranger unit

 ( or what ever soldiers that you want to set equipment for them and send them to battle )

You can see equipments and numbers of your soldiers on this page , the number on bottom is your stock of that equipment . there are 2 numbers on top , the left one is the number of your equiped soldiers and the right one is the number of your all soldiers you have of this kind .

there is a field on bottom of each equipment , you can write the number of equipments that you want to equip your soldier with it on this field and click on the button , you can equip as many as soldiers you want .